Simply Breathtaking Animals Painted On Human Hands

Simply Breathtaking Animals Painted On Human Hands image

Simply Breathtaking Animals Painted On Human Hands

Remember the shadow puppets you use to create as a child? Wouldn't they have been so much cooler if they actually LOOKED like the animals you were pretending your hands to be?

Well, if you're the children of Italian artist Guido Daniele, you're lucky enough to have that privilege! He's the immensely talented painter behind these images of animals meticulously painted onto the human hand - each takes about 4 hours to complete.

The inspiration came after he was contracted by an advertising agency to paint different animals on the human body and from there his talent and ideas snowballed.

Unlike James Kuhn who paints faces, Daniele's first attempt was in fact the cheetah on a hand:

It turned out perfectly the first time and gave me the courage to complete the rest of the set.

We're so glad he did. You can view more of Daniele's fantastic art via his official site

Via Guido Daniele

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