Incredible Time-Lapse Art That Springs To Life

Incredible Time-Lapse Art That Springs To Life

Based in Brooklyn New York, Bryce Wymer is part of a very small group of artists who believe in sharing their creative process with you. With the vast majority of art, you see the final piece and if you're lucky, maybe a few preliminary sketches or ideas.

Not so with Wymer, who has created a mesmerizing series of time-lapse videos documenting the journey of each individual piece. From the blank and open sketchbook, to his glorious & masterful collision of ink, paint and scissors that result in some of the most startling images we've seen on the web.

His diverse range of artworks veer from bold outlines and deep colours, to intricate details and faint lines - yet his technique is refined and wonderfully assured throughout it all.

As you can see, there's a lot to appreciate and even more to love when it comes to his sketch book series, so why not head over to his online store on Etsy, where you can buy his art prints, limited editions and a few collectables.

It's a little treasure trove of creative goodies, so do make sure you check it out and support his fascinating talent!

© All images by Bryce Wymer LLC 2012.

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