A Magnificent Look At Munich's Underground Subway Stations

A Magnificent Look At Munich's Underground Subway Stations

When it comes to jumping on the local subway or underground train, you could be lucky enough to standing on a platform of one of the 10 coolest underground stations in the world or be faced with the nightmarish reality of Japanese commuters.

If you're in India, then commuting with 1.2 billion people will serve as another major eye-opener. You just never know when some crazy person is going to get onboard and start yelling at you either.

But today, thanks to the phenomenal work of German photographer Nick Frank, today we're going down into the darken tunnels of Munich's subway system. A place vastly removed from the chaos of Japan's peak hour & India's crammed networks. Clean lines, bold colours and endless lines of symmetry surround you at all times, makes for a series of dramatic images beautifully captured by Nick Frank.

You can see the full 'Subways' series here, right now Frank  and Anne Berwanger are hoping to raise funds so that he can travel and photograph more subway stations across the world such as Berlin, Frankfurt, Barcelona, London and even New York.

So if you want to see more of his talent put to good use (we sure do!) then make a small donation and help support his work / dream - because we reckon with images as good as this, the world needs to see more of them.

Via Nick Frank

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