Then & Now: A Photographic Look At The City Of Detroit

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Then & Now: A Photographic Look At The City Of Detroit

Continuing the cool concept of merging the past with the present, website have created a brand new photographic series called Cass Tech – Now and Then.

It serves as a fascinating snapshot of the Detroit of yesteryear versus the modern-day reality. Detroit itself was home to almost 2 million Americans in the 1950's - but the global recession, loss of jobs and high unemployment (the declining automotive industry is the lifeblood of Detroit) and seen those numbers dwindle to just over 700K as of 2 years ago.

It's a sad sign of the times and a tragic state of affairs for all concerned. As these wonderful photos prove, Detroit was a vibrant part of American industry and culture - now many of its establishments, warehouses, schools & buildings lay abandoned and in disrepair. For that population to return and for the infrastructure to be upgraded and maintained, there's a long road ahead but as these images show, Detroit has the potential to regain its virbrancy & once again find it's soul.

We've selected a few images from the series, but you can see all 43 images from the compelling series right here. To find out more about the project head over to or 'Like' them on Facebook to get the latest updates.


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