Visit An Unreal House Designed Entirely For Skaters

Visit An Unreal House Designed Entirely For Skaters

PAS House wouldn't just be Tony Hawk's perfect home, but the dream home of every skater out there.

Imagine an entire house specifically created and designed so that everything is able to be skated on. Whenever you felt like it, you'd be able to grind along the kitchen bench tops, do a half pipe in the lounge and cut your way around the kitchen!

It's the brainchild of Pierre-André Senizergues (a genuine legend amongst pro-skaters) who wanted to take his passion to the next level, by never having to leave his house to enjoy it. So with several million in the bank, he set about creating and designing the home.

Right now there's only one display version of the PAS house in Paris (it's not even the full house, just a room) but the idea is that after a few tests, baring any problems, the full-scale house will be built  at the top of the Las Flores Canyon in Malibu, California.

Just don't forget to bring your wheels when you go visit.

You can find out more about The PAS House here

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