Childhood Toys Covered In Multicoloured Monochrome

Childhood Toys Covered In Multicoloured Monochrome

During your childhood, do you remember playing with Mr. Potatohead, Connect4, Guess Who?, Battleships or maybe you were spending countless hours trying to master Rubicks Cube? Those toys are still very much household names (especially if you were growing up in the 80's) that provided hours of entertainment for children right around the world.

But impressive & talented visual artist Henry Hargreaves, has given these games of yesterday a brand new and modern twist. He's converted them all into monochrome versions of themselves, blasting them all with a single colour. Suddenly, all the brightly coloured illustrations and individual elements are eliminated - forcing you to focus on nothing but the form and shape of the toy itself.

The end result is a series of images he's titled "Game Over!" which we think are effortlessly beautiful not to mention seriously cool. Can you imagine how epic would it be, if he could convert HeroQuest into monochrome? THAT would be so awesome.

In the meantime (whilst we're hoping), prepare to be captivated by more of his inspirational work via his official site

Images: Henry Hargreaves

Henry Hargreaves

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