Brilliant Pop Art Made From Retro Cassette Tapes

Benoit Jammes Cassette Tape Artwork  image

Brilliant Pop Art Made From Retro Cassette Tapes

Do you remember the trusty cassette tape? Not always quite so trustworthy when the ribbon got all chewed up in your Sony Walkman, but in their day a modern miracle for making pre-recorded audio portable.

You might be surprised to know that recently Sony decided to ceased production in Jan 2013, which is somewhat strange because they've been redundant for the past 10 years.

Except for French artist Benoit Jammes.

He's the creative individual behind these 'Tape Portraits' whereby he takes these little plastic retro devices of yesteryear and transforms them into colourful works of art loaded with pop culture references and bursts of colour.

You'd never think that old cassette tape of Bon Jovi's Greatest Hits would end up being transformed into a rocket ship or Homer Simpson - but with Jammes's imagination anything is possible!

You can stay up to date on this latest inventive creations via his Flickr portfolio where you can see even more of his eye-candy goodness.

Via Benoit Jammes

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