In Russia You Can Party All Night As The World Ends

In Russia You Can Party All Night As The World Ends image

In Russia You Can Party All Night As The World Ends

If you're in Russia today, what better way to celebrate the potential end of the world (Ed - Erm, isn' it supposed to have happened already?) than by bunkering down in a pimped out safe house. Located 65 meters underneath the city of Moscow it was originally designed to protect the Soviet leaders during the Cold War Era. As the modern world is reduced to rubble & fire above you (according to those cheerful Mayan's) you can sit back in your own personal room sipping on some  top shelf Russian vodka or  hit the dance floor of this über exclusive underground party.

So how much are tickets? The cheapest is $1,000 - for that you get a mattress, for $49,000 you get the VIP 'End of The World' room.

The creator / organiser of the event is Alexei Pavlovsky and when quizzed about why anyone would want to party during Armageddon he simply said

A lot of many people would feel much calmer if they could spend this critical day surrounded by maximum comfort and safety.

But perhaps someone should ask him, if it is going to be the end of the world - why does he need your hard earned money?

It's not like any of the banks are going to open upstairs is it?


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