13 Ridiculous Retro Video Game Adverts From The 80s

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13 Ridiculous Retro Video Game Adverts From The 80s

If you were a kid growing up in the 80's the chances were you spent a good portion of your childhood playing the phenomenon that was known as "video games".

A godsend for parents, who would keep their kids quiet and entertained in front of the TV for hours and for the kids themselves, the perfect form of escapism on a rainy day.

But a big part of the surge and popularity in video games back then was the way there were marketed. Campy, cheesy & over-the-top ad campaigns usually came with bold illustrations that looked far better than anything the technology at the time could create. But the ads worked with spectacular effect. They served to create an illusionary world where the impossible became possible, where the fantastical was merely a few screens away and really, the video game industry really has never looked back since.

Speaking from personal experience, the box, packaging and marketing was often a lot more exciting than the games themselves, but for the big software companies that didn’t matter – once they had my paper round money, is was already game over.


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