Never-Seen-Before Concept Art From 'The Dark Knight'

Never-Seen-Before Concept Art From 'The Dark Knight'

Four years on, The Dark Knight it's still arguably the greatest installment of the Batman franchise and certainly one of the best crime / thrillers in the past decade.

But one common thread that is consistent in all of Christopher Nolan's adaptations is the strong and stirring visuals he's able to project on-screen.

When it came to The Dark Knight, visionary concept artist Rob Bliss was charged with bringing Nolan's vision to life.

A challenging task unquestionably, but once which Bliss was the perfect candidate for having worked on the visual concepts for Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001), Watchmen (2005) and Jack the Giant Killer (2009-10).

He's now made available some of his initial designs sketches & ideas from his portfolio, for the world to see. Included are the masked clowns from The Joker's entourage, Harvey Dent's transformation into Two-Face and even a few representations of the most unhinged Batman villain of all time.

Some were used, some weren't & some were adapted - but combined they provide a fascinating glimpse into another side of Gotham City, through the mind of Bliss's dark & ingenious creativity.

Via Comic Book Movie

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