A Startling Look At Commuting With 1.2 Billion People

A Startling Look At Commuting With 1.2 Billion People image

A Startling Look At Commuting With 1.2 Billion People

India is literally a place unlike any other - the sense of inequity is ever present, huge grandiose and opulent structures peer down on many of the countries slumps and impoverish areas. But the rich tapestry of Indian culture, created and curated by 1,200,000,000 of its citizens is constantly shifting, morphing and evolving.

A journey & unique experience far beyond the realities of train stations in the developed world.

Award-winning and world-renowned photographer Steve McCurry stepped onboard India's expansive and colourful train system to document what life is like communting with over one billion individuals.

His remarkable series is simply titled 'Trains' but as you're about to see, his images are anything but simple. In fact, they're quite the opposite, a startling look at life beyond the sanitized Western world and into one of the earth's most complex & fascinating cultures.

As I tried to tell the story of the community that inhabits the depots, I would go to the train station every day and wander around the platform.

Each time a train would roll in, while carefully stepping over bodies and around huge mountains of luggage, I would start to photograph the swirl of life that assaults and saturates the senses.

You can see the full collection in the book The Imperial Way whereby McCurry shows people, stations and landscapes that he and his travel partner Paul Theroux saw while traveling in a succession of 11 trains from northwestern Pakistan, through northern India, to the southeastern corner of Bangladesh, with side trips to Simla and Darjeeling.

In the meantime, prepare to see India as you've never witnessed it before....

Via Steve McCurry

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