A Hauntingly Beautiful Series Of Underwater Photographs

Dreamlike Photos By James Biscardi Photographic Series Natural Wonders  image

A Hauntingly Beautiful Series Of Underwater Photographs

Now if angels themselves fell from the heavens, down into the very depths of a river; the latest series by James Biscardi would depict the entire scene.

Impressively enough, 'Natural Wonders' is the 3rd of his underwater series, this time focusing on the slow movement of illuminated fabrics in an abstract atmosphere. His images are as elegant, as they are dreamlike, flowing shapes and bright colours all blending together beneath the surface of the Rainbow River, outside of Ocala Florida.

"My focus was to allow my models to interact with an organic environment, to capture vivid color and motion, all while utilizing the natural light. The goal for me is to present something to our industry that isn't cut and dry fashion editorial.  This is a fairy tale of modern times that can bring out the youthfulness in all of us."

We couldn't agree more and you have to wonder if Biscardi's current dwellings played a role inspiring him. He lives in North Hollywood, an area known for its endless obsession of youthfulness, escapism & beauty. The results of his work are jaw-droppingly beautiful, you almost wish you could go down there underwater with those angels, away from the din of the world and all its troubles.

Experience more glorious examples of escapism via his site or better yet, get yourself a copy of the coffee table book via the Blurb Bookstore and support an artist, who's not only creating something truly remarkable but also adding a bit of magic to the world.

↬ James Biscardi

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