A Look Inside The Refrigerators Of 8 Complete Strangers

A Look Inside The Refrigerators Of 8 Strangers By Mark Menjivar image

A Look Inside The Refrigerators Of 8 Complete Strangers

We've all heard the phrase "You are what you eat" and what better example, than what's currently lurking in your fridge?

That concept, served as the inspiration for Mark Mnjivar to embark on creating a photographic series You Are What You Eat, where he documents the contents of people's fridges. He visited 50 different households right across the US, sought approval to open their doors and then snapped away - the owners didn't have time to tidy or get their items in order, what you see is what you get.

And there's certainly more than a few surprises in store.

For example, would you imagine opening the door to find a snake staring back at you? Probably not, yet it's there for all to see. The content of a persons fridge can be more than a little revealing, but whilst Mnjivar thankfully didn't open any fridges to see heads or dismembered body parts, he certainly saw items & objects that would make your eyes water - including creepy crawlies, insects, pubic hair & even placentas!

We're featuring 8 images from the project, but you can continue to take a fascinating journey across the lifestyles, habits, routines of 50 American households by visiting his official site  to see the full collection

1. The fridge of an owner of a now defunct amusement park.

  1. The fridge of a bartender (Who sleeps at 8am and wakes at 4pm to go to work!)

3. The fridge of a short order cook

4. The fridge of a construction worker / house wife  (At 4am she wakes up to make & prepare breakfast for the family)

5. The fridge of a documentary film makers (Who's work has resulted in millions of $$$ being sent in aid to help kids in Uganda)

6. The fridge of a food artist (Who incidentatly runs a vegan bakery out of her apartment.)

7. The fridge of a middle school science teacher (This photo captures the 1st week the family opted to eat only local produce)

  1. The fridge of a carpenter

↬ FastCoDesign

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