22 Unusual Words You Need To Start Using More Frequently

17 Unusual Words You Need To Start Using More Frequently  image

22 Unusual Words You Need To Start Using More Frequently

You can never have enough words at your disposal and at the very least, their meanings and interpretations will be the perfect conversation starter.

So with that in mind, here's 22 strange and somewhat unusual words that you need to start inserting into your conversations.

After all, the mind is a terrible thing to waste.

*1. Kummerspeck (German): *The weight you gain as a direct result from emotional overeating.

2. Paper-belly: An individual who has difficulty in drinking alcohol straight / neat.

3. Petrichor: The comforting/ refreshing smell of raining falling on dry earth - originally created by two Australian researchers as recently as 1964.

4. Spesenritter (German): A person who flips out & flaunts the company credit card when paying for the bill.

5. Dysania: The hardship faced when attempting to successfully get out of bed in the morning.

6. Karoshi (Japanese): Being worked (literally) to death.

7. Lawn Mullet: Describes having a perfectly manicured front-facing yard, but an utter disaster around the back.

*8. Bakku-shan (Japanese): *The false-dawn of noticing a beautiful woman from behind, only to have your hopes dash when you see the front...

9. Zeg (Georgian): Simple enough, it describes the day after tomorrow.

10. Zib: Shorthand for an utter nincompoop

11. Packesel (German): The poor fellow who's assigned the role of carrying everyone's bags when on holiday.

12. Saccharhinoceros: Used to described a clumsy yet affable & well-loved individual.

13. Arsle: The desire to constantly fidget or become distracted by other thoughts, as opposed to focusing on the moment.

14. Mellencamp: This word applies to women are too old to be cougars, but too young to be considered retirees.

15. Scandiknavery: Originally dreamt up by James Joyce, it's used to described the deviant acts / skullduggery of the Scandinavian people.

16. Googlegänger: A modern take on 'doppleganger', it relates to the individual who shares your name in Google's search results.

17. Crwth: A rarely used, but once popular & commonplace Celtic musical instrument.

18. Punk Day: The official name given to the day when children of all ages are allowed into the circus or local carnival for free.

19. Badinage: To partake in irreverant and amusing banter.

20. Pretzel-bender: Now depending where you are in the world, there's 4 different interpreations of this phrase. The first applies to an eccentric individual who has a long-winded approach to conversation, the second is the player of a French horn, it can also mean wrestler and finally and probably the most accurate its used to describe someone who spends the majority of their waking life on a bar stool drinking themselves into a stupor.

21. Glabella: Some people chose to wax it, it's the name given to the space between your eyebrows.

22. Gay-cat: A vagabond considered by their peers to be out of touch with  the realities & lifestyle of being a vagabond.

↬ Mental Floss

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