Here's To The Most Loved Family In Horror

Here's To The Most Loved Family In Horror image

Here's To The Most Loved Family In Horror

For many, it is the quintessential 90’s movie – campy, macabre, devious, a little dark and certainly loved. We’re not talking about Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare Before Christmas or even Beetlejuice (although that was released in 1988), no we’re talking about the much loved Addams Family.

From its original run as a popular TV, to 2 full length feature films that captured the imagination and enthralled audiences the world over – The Addams Family stands a classic to many who love the genre. From the passion and constant affection on display from Gomez & Morticia, to the social awkwardness & tomfoolery of Uncle Fester through to the delicious schemes and plotting of Wednesday & Pugsley Addams – they were a family you couldn’t help but want to secretly be a part of.

But what of the actors who brought those characters to life? Where are they now and what do they look like? Well, here’s the list of the family in full – they might have grown older, but something never really change.

RIP Gomez (Raúl Juliá) – you truly would have been the life and soul of any Halloween party.

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