Household Shelves Turned Into Giant Mosaic Skulls

Mosaic Skulls By James Hopkin Vanitas Series  image

Household Shelves Turned Into Giant Mosaic Skulls

When it comes to Halloween at work, you’d be advised to give London-based visual artist James Hopkins a call. Armed with MA in Fine Art from the University Of London & a BA in Fine Arts Sculpture at the University of Brighton, he blends both to create these fascinating skull mosaics on shelves, using everyday objects from around the home.

The series is called Vanitas, iconic brand IKEA could only dream of creating something this cool.

Hopkins has to allocate a significant amount of time to amass all the objects, configure their layout, tweak the design & perfectly position it all – but the end result, as we’re sure you’ll agree is pretty extraordinary.

Trouble is, with the designs looking so awesome – you wouldn’t want to take anything from the shelf for fear of disrupting the whole effect.

You can enjoy more of his varied & intricate work via his official site

Twisted Sifter

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