Why Not Get A Ghoulishly Good Zombie Portrait?

Why Not Get A Ghoulishly Good Zombie Portrait?

We've all seen those hilarious (and creepy) zombie walks from around the world, where the members of the general public become part of the undead for a few hours. But once the make-up and fake blood has been washed off, you're back to your old self - no trace of zombie in sight.

Gifted illustrator Rob Sacchetto, has come up with a way that you can remain a member of the undead for a lot longer - he turns your everyday photos, into custom zombie works of art, he even does pets apparently!

All you have to do, is wire him payment via PayPal and email him a photo of yourself / wife / friend / pet. Low and behold a few weeks later, your zombie portrait will arrive in the post, where you can put it proudly on your bedroom wall or pride of place on the mantlepiece.

UPDATE: Rob recently emailed us to tell us about a new project he's working on:

As part of my new Indiegogo campaign I am going to let zombie fans tell me what to draw and post on my 'Zombie Daily' blog for a full 365 days. 


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