The Absurdity Of Collective Animal Nouns

The Absurdity Of Collective Animal Nouns image

The Absurdity Of Collective Animal Nouns

We use collective nouns on a daily basis, although many of them such as a "group of people" are more than a little mundane. But when it comes to using collective nouns to describe animal groups, THAT'S when things become interesting.

We've put together a list of 20 of our favourite collective nouns to describe a whole range of animals, some of them make perfect sense, some are quite brillant and others are sure to raise a few eyebrows.

Do let us know which you love the most!

1. A whoop of gorillas

2. A congregation of alligators

3. A cloud of bats

4. A peep of chickens

5. A leap of leopards

6. A sleuth of bears

7. A skulk of foxes

8. A tower of giraffes

9. A cackle of hyenas

10. A smack of jellyfish

11. A mess of iguanas

12. A gaze of raccoons

13. A scourge of mosquitos

14. A crash of rhinoceros

15. A rabble of butterflies

16. An ambush of tigers

17. A pounce of cats

18. A business of ferrets

19. A skulk of foxes

20. A gulp of swallows

Which have we missed?

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