8 Must-See Roadside Attractions In The US

 1. This Enchanted Highway image

8 Must-See Roadside Attractions In The US

Let's face it, America is a HUGE country, to be precise it's actually 9,827,000 km² in size, so getting around it often involved a fair amount of hours on the highway. With that in mind, if you're planning a bit of an upcoming trek across the country or if you're a tourist look for something off the beaten track, here's 8 Must-See Roadside Attractions that you'll want to stop at and have a few photos at.

Where is it? Regent, North Dakota Why should I go there? It's famous for holding a Guinness World Record for starters. The artwork "Geese in Flight" by Gary Greff is officially the largest scrap metal sculpture not just in America, but indeed the world. As you cruise down the 32M highway (it's actually known as the 'Enchanted Highway) you'll see 7 other glorious sculptures leading the way.

Where is it? Cabazon, California Why should I go there? Well aside being home to the largest concrete statue of a dinosaur in the world (150 tons of monster fury!) you can actually climb aboard as real-life replica of the infamous Tyrannosaurus rex - which lets face it would make a pretty epic holiday photo.

Where is it? Alliance, Nebraska Why should I go there? Well because it's a pretty unique tribute to England's famous Stonehenge site. The site known to locals as "Carhenge" is composed of 38 abandoned cars spray painted stone grey and aligning to reflect the configuration of the Druid stones from the UK.

Where is it? Moab, Utah Why should I go there? Carved out of 50,000 cubic feet of Utah sandstone and home to a staggering 14 rooms, it's certainly one of the more unusual homes you're ever likely to see.

Where is it? Amarillo, Texas Why should I go there? It's a slightly surreal sight when you see them, 10 Cadillac's buried at an angle in a perfect row right in the middle of a cow pasture. Like Randy's Donut's, they've been featured in several major motion movies and perhaps even more impressively, also referenced in popular music. They first appeared back in 1974, when they were originally created by a group of rebel artists, as a kind of tribute to the Cadillac itself.

Where is it? Inglewood, California Why should I go there? The sign at Randy's Donuts is an iconic piece of Hollywood history, having been featured in films such as "I Love L.A." and "Mars Attacks!". It was actually designed and built back in 1952 and if a place has been around that long - you know they must be doing something right with those donuts.

Where is it? Boston, Massachusetts Why should I go there? The If you love ice-cream (and lets face it, who doesn't?) this is the place to be. Not that you could really miss it, towering 40ft in the air it's based at the local Children's Museum - the perfect remedy after traipsing around all the exhibits. It's been giving generations of kids that icy cold sugar fix for roughly 80 years, although we're sorry to admit that it doesn't hold any milk inside.

Where is it? Margate, New Jersey Why should I go there? For starters, where else would you get the opportunity to climb up inside a 65ft 130 year old elephant? Originally a summer home, once you're inside and climb up to the top, you'll get to experience some rather breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean.


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