Behind The Scenes Of America's Most Notorious Prison

Behind The Scenes Of America's Most Notorious Prison

San Quentin State Prison is one place where you certainly don't want to end up.

Located in Marin County, California, United States and is in fact the oldest prison in the state (it was originally opened in 1852). Constantly featured in countless TV documentaries and referenced in films & music, the prison itself is firmly rooted in US popular culture. Even Johnny Cash and Metallica have held concerts there.

It's widely regarded as one of the most infamous prisions in the world, not only because of the number of high risk and dangerous inmates it houses, but also because it's home to the largest death row faciality in the United States.

The chamber itself is called "Condemned Row" and it's situation in a far wing of prison - once you go there, you never came back. Up until 1996 it operated as a gas chamber, however, all executions that have taken place since 1996 have been carried out using lethal injection.

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