Would You Wear These Instagram Inspired Glasses?

Would You Wear These Instagram Inspired Sunglasses image

Would You Wear These Instagram Inspired Glasses?

We recently came across this frankly brilliant concept by Markus Gerke who came up with the idea of having Instagram inspired sun glasses. Branded like a pair of Ray-Bans but allowing you to alter the world around you by using all the traditional filters found in the official Instagram app.

You could then directly upload whatever it was you were looking at, straight from your glasses into your online profile.

Here's what Markus had to say about the project:

Many people use Instagram. They all love the effects, and every one of them loves to take pictures and to share them with their friends. Wouldn’t it be great to capture your everyday life, your entire life, through beautiful filters? The design concept can give the appearance of glasses.  You activate the glasses by pushing “Insta” and option to choose between different filters. Are you enjoying a moment? Just take a picture with your glasses and upload the image straight to Instagram.

We love the tagline Markus has created too - "Filter your own world."

Whilst it's only a concept, we'd happily part with some serious cash if these every became available.

The question is, would you?

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