7 Of The Coolest Conceptual Bars In The World

 1. A Bar Inside Blocks Of Ice image

7 Of The Coolest Conceptual Bars In The World

We've searched high and low for some the coolest and strangest concept bars in the world, and we've narrowed it down to these top 7 spread across 6 countries - so if you're on your travels & in the area, take the time to have a drink or two in these infamous establishments.

What: The Ice Bar - Quebec City, Canada

Here's one place where the drinks are most certainly served chilled. Every December this hotel is carved out in all its glory, whilst any guests staying in their rooms will have to deal with 5 degree temperatures! But with views like this, it's probably worth it.

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*What: *Madame Claude - Berlin, Germany

Located amongst the dark alleys of Germany's Berlin, a city noted for its vibrant clubs, bars and passionate electronic music scene, Madame Claude seems like your typical dimly lit bar. That is until you realise that stuck upside down on the ceiling are various items of furniture, chairs and even lights which combine to create a rather surreal and disorienting illusion.


What: The Clinic - Singapore

Certainly odd, but definitely cool 'The Clinic' is a bar theme around hospital ward. Wheelchairs replace conventional seats and booths are often made up of hospital beds! And as for the most important aspect of all, the drinks? Well they come served in a variety of drips, test tubes and petri dishes.


*What: *Alcatraz ER - Tokyo, Japan

Japan is certainly no stranger to unusual bars & themed restaurants, but Alcatraz ER is certainly up there with the most bizarre. It's designed to give you the experience of being in a mental prison and that includes handcuffing you and locking you in a cell whilst they serve you various delicious through the cold iron bars. All the waiters and waitress are dressed as nurses & doctors, making sure that your stay in the mental institution appears as genuine and real as possible. The one question we have is, do you get the keys to your handcuffs if you need the bathroom????


*What: *The Sunland Pub - Limpopo Province, South Africa

**Here's a bar which wouldn't be out of place in a Disney film. The famous Sunland Pub can literally only house a tiny number of guests and there's a reason for this - it's because the entire bar is housed with the a Baobab tree - which dates back some 6,000 years!

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What: Alux Lounge - Playa del Carmen, Mexico

So we've covered bars made out of ice and located in trees, but if neither of those sound overly appealing - you could always try out the Alux Lounge, located in Playa del Carmen in Mexico - a bar carved into an ancient cave. Better yet it's only moments from the local beach, so why wouldn't you?

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*What: *The H.R. Giger Alien Bar - Chur, Switzerland

H.R. Giger is the mastermind of the instantly recognised 'Alien' aesthetic (if you haven't checked out his visual work in the new film Prometheus you should). His work and visual madness is re-created and celebrated in the official H.R. GIger Alien bar, located in Chur, Switzerland. Whilst you might feel that you're on an alien spacecraft you can rest assured that none of those god-awful facehugging fiends will attack you in the middle of your Martini.

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