The Unreal Art Inside The Office Of NIKE CEO Mark Parker

The Unreal Office Of NIKE CEO Mark Parker image

The Unreal Art Inside The Office Of NIKE CEO Mark Parker

This is Mark Parker, the CEO for the iconic and global brand NIKE. Seems like a nice corporate photo right?

Well, it turns out there's more than meets the eye with Parker, a lot more. Fast Company named him 'The World's Most Creative CEO' and so we wondered, what kind of office would someone with that distinction work in?

Would it be like Facebook's open plan office? Would it be sharp and corporate or maybe minimal and angular? Would it be something unique & left of field?

Well, left of field is one way of putting it (Ed - Understatement of the year) because as you're about to see there is no other workspace like this in the world. At the very least, we can all rest assured that the future of NIKE is only going to be limited by Mark Parker's imagination - something that he truly has in abundance.

Images captured by the brilliant Patrik Giardino

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