Grandma Would Freak If She Saw This Cross-Stitch

Grandma Would Freak If She Saw This Cross Stitch image

Grandma Would Freak If She Saw This Cross-Stitch

Now we all know that the art of tapestry takes a long time to learn, cross stitching itself is intended for people with an endless supply of patience and time. Lots of  time in fact, which none of us have these days - unless you're in a retirement village or can't find the TV remote and your WiFi is down.

So whilst Nan is happily making countless pillow cases, as you  constantly decline her offer to "show you how I do it" - rest safe in the knowledge that designer and artist Theo Humphries is putting a bit of fun back into the art.

“If you have ever graffitied a penis onto a magazine in a dentist’s waiting room, shot delicate ceramic ornaments with a rifle, or thought something was desperately sad when everyone else thought it was harmlessly funny (or the other way around), then you will likely enjoy having a look at my work. You will hopefully even want to own some. If not; you should probably move on.” 

All of the artwork featured on the site is available to order, so why not treat your Nan for her birthday? It would certainly be a conversation starter...

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