13 Celebrities Gloriously Painted As Russian Generals

13 Celebrities Gloriously Painted As Russian Generals image

13 Celebrities Gloriously Painted As Russian Generals

We love individuals like Steve Payne who take famous artworks and then subvert, reinterpret & appropriate them

Let's start at the beginning.

George Dawe was an English portraitist, who is famous for painting 329 portraits of Russian generals (who lead during Napoleon's invasion of Russia) for the Military Gallery of the Winter Palace in the early 1800's.

Fast-forward 2 centuries and digital artist and Steve Payne has recreated the original works from George Dawe but instead of stern Russian military generals, he's swapped their heads out with some of the most famous & iconic male actors, musicians and celebrities - even Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has been digitally recreated in full Russian regalia!

Now we couldn't possibly feature all 329 images here, so we've been forced to select our personal favs but rest assured there are literally hundreds more examples on Tumblr and don't forget to friend him on Facebook

Via Steve Payne

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