Rare Photos Of Iconic Celebrities Hanging Out Together

Rare Photos Of Iconic Celebrities Hanging Out Together image

Rare Photos Of Iconic Celebrities Hanging Out Together

Some of them are sadly no longer with us, but they were all unquestionably icons and legends in their respective fields.

We've unearthed some previously rare and unseen photographs of the world's most loved and influential celebrities, just casually hanging out together. From Charlie Chaplin reflecting with Albert Einstein through to Elvis swapping stories with Tom Jones, we hope you enjoy the collection.

Do let us know your favs!

1. Michael Jackson & Mr.T

2. The Beatles & Muhammad Ali

3. Elvis Presley & Tom-Jones

4. Marilyn Monroe & Sammy Davis-Jr

5. James Dean & Elizabeth Taylor

6. James Brown & Mick Jagger

7. Bob Marley & The Jackson 5

8. Charlie Chaplin & Mahatma Gandhi

9. Walt Disney & Shirley Temple

10. Salvador Dali & Coco Chanel

11. Johnny Cash & Ray Charles

12. Frank Sinatra & Grace Kelly

13. George Harrison and Bob Marley

14. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

15. Dave Grohl, RuPaul and Kurt Cobain

Via Reddit

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