Coachella - Tupac Shakur Returns In Hologram Form

Coachella - Tupac Shakur Returns In Hologram Form

It's could have been horrible and done in bad taste, but the music fans the world over had their minds blow at Coachella last night when deceased hip-hop icon Tupac Shakur was resurrected in hologram form to perform two songs alongside (the living) Snoop Doog. It was as creepy as it was mesmerising.

The hip-hop superstar was tragically gunned down 16 years ago in Las Vegas, but last night he returned bigger than ever in holographic form.

The iconic hip-hop legends before two tracks together, the first "Hail Mary" (interestingly enough a track Tupac never performed live and was released after his death more than 15 years later) and the classic "Two Of Americaz Most Wanted"

But how was it done? Well, according to The Verge, the “video was composed by New York SFX company MPC using a mixture of live footage, wire-framing, and CGI. This was then fed into Musion’s holographic technology, which projects the image onto a special foil.

The foil is based on principles set out in the old magician’s illusion Pepper’s Ghost, which trick audiences into thinking they’re viewing a person or object rather than a simple reflection. By using a lightweight foil which mimics the properties of semi-transparent glass, Musion is able to extend the concept’s scale without limiting the efficacy of the illusion.”

The end result? This simply mind-blowing footage!

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