The Complete History Of Doctor Who (Infographic)

The Complete History Of Doctor Who (Infographic) image

The Complete History Of Doctor Who (Infographic)

Doctor Who is one of the most famous sci-fi television shows of all time. Come on, admit it, you know the blue box, the Daleks (Exterminate!! Exterminate!!) and Tom Baker’s long scarf. My secret (well not for anyone who has known me more then ten minutes), I’m a huge fan, from watching Tom Baker fight the Cybermen as a child, seeing the god awful TV movie and recently watching the dreamy David Tenant, I love this series.

I’m not to ashamed to admit I have had many arguments about which companion was the best (Sarah Jane Smith vs Rose Tyler), whether Matt Smith is in fact the eleventh Doctor (I won’t get into the nerdy nitty gritty) and the ultimate question…what is the Doctor’s real name?

Whether you’re a Tom Baker supporter, David Tennant lover or secretly admire the master this infograph is the most detailed and interesting you will find on the web.

Enjoy and don’t blink!


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