Predictable Yet Popular Movie Poster Designs

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Predictable Yet Popular Movie Poster Designs

We all love going to the movies, but as you stand ordering your popcorn in the foyer, you may have noticed that some of movie posters you're seeing look more than a little familiar. There's a very good reason for that, and here's why.

Invariably these movies turn out to be 2.5 hour long dramas, complete with moving & emotions scenes with a character you've become attached to dying / leaving or falling ill. They usually come with what seems to be a decent array of talent in the cast, which essentially means you'll be a blubbering mess of tears come the end.

This design is often used on movies that are essentially action flicks, but are disguised into making you believe that behind all the swashbuckling there is some vague intellectual plot or cause behind it all - which lets face it, there often isn't.

These are the movies your girlfriend will harass you into hiring out at the local DVD store. Romantic comedies that usually come complete with either Kate Hudson or Reese Witherspoon leering at you on the cover.

Without fail 99% of the films that have this cover are part of the horror or supernatural genres.

Often misleading, films with the token "in bed together" cover actually feature lots of talking in really dull settings like the kitchen, garden, porch or driveway and very little action between those sheets.

As a colour, blue evokes feelings of calm, purity and cleanliness - which is why most of the products in your bathroom are based around blue shades. Using the same trick in film, blue is connected to nature, life and the earth as a whole.

In case it wasn't immediately obvious, action films use black (for leather, guns and general manlyness) and orange / reds to symbolize the fact that you're going to be watching lots of explosions and cool shit being blown up.

When nobody understands you and the government pretends you don't exist, the only option you have is to run down a narrow and blue lit alley and try and escape from the madness of it all. Only then will you be able to emerge around the corner and set about clearing your name.

Unlike the Bed poster trend, not so much false advertising here. However of the 42 movies on display here, only one has any sort of critical acclaim. You do the math.

Probably one of the more creative styles in poster design, many of these are almost like optical illusions. Themes often centre around mysteries, the supernatural or unexpected events.

Women the world over in red dresses are always sexy, it's a trend that has lasted several decades and you know why? It sells movie tickets.

Originality fail! These clones are designed to fool you into hiring out a movie which "looks" like the one you wanted, but which in fact actually isn't.

Artistic and slightly pretentious but still pretty cool - the "text in your face" trend is relatively new in the world of Hollywood. Movies with this cover usual focus on the journey / rise / fail / life of an individual.

Originally found via Tumblr

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