Inside The Dark World Of LA's Street Gangs

Inside The Dark World Of LA's Street Gangs image

Inside The Dark World Of LA's Street Gangs

In popular culture, the city of Los Angeles is often glorified as a realm rich with celebrity hangouts, a vibrant music scene, style icons and creative entrepreneurs.

But what is seldom shown or mentioned, is the darker side of the sprawling city. Deep within its suburbs Latino street gang culture is rife - a world, within a world with its own rules, rituals, politics and personalities.

The bold and talented photographer Robert Yager (his work has been featured in The New York Times Magazine, Fortune, Fader, Esquire, Interview, Rolling Stone, Newsweek and TIME) has been capturing candid photos of the gang members in Los Angeles since 1992.

During his formative years Yager was always interested in the dynamics of street culture and having studied Latin American Studies in the UK & Mexico as well as Photography in the US, he decided to delve into the intense world of Latino street gangs.

His remarkable photographs have been documenting the lives of gang members ever since.

Via Robert Yager

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