The Hilarious Adventures Of Vladimir Putin

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The Hilarious Adventures Of Vladimir Putin

You really do have to hand it to Russian Prime Minister (and former KGB Member) Vladimir Putin & his insatiable thirst for adventure.

He is literally everywhere!

If he's not driving a formula one car, he's feeding deer, if he's not doing that he'll be whizzing around via snowmobile and if the weather permits he might do a bit of topless hunting in the bush. And that only accounts for his morning routine.

Thanks to these candid photos taken by Yana Lapikova (the new personal photographer of the man himself) you're about to see another side to one of the most revered, respected and divisive characters in global politics today.

Say what you like about his policies, you have to give the man credit - at least he's not like 99% of politicians delivering 30 second sound bytes on the local evening news dressed in a dour soulless suit.

After all, in the world of Putin there is much work to do....and even more photo opportunities to pose for.

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