Inside The Corridors Of Power At Facebook

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Inside The Corridors Of Power At Facebook

Facebook - The worldwide phenomenon, whose impact on society will reverberate for many years to come. How can it not, when 1 in every 13 people on the planet now have an account.

Currently there's over 500,000,000 active profiles globally & collectively we've uploaded 10,000,000,000 photos worldwide. (You can watch more mind-boggling facts about the site here.)

Mark Zuckerberg it's controversial founder & TIME Person Of The Year is worth an eye-watering $13.5 billion (that's more than Rupert Murdoch). There's even been a movie based around his formative years and another taking a frightening look into the effects Facebook can have on relationships and real-life situations.

It's rise has been a double edged sword to many. Whilst it's allowed us to reconnect with our families, classmates and long lost friends with stunning simplicity - it's also arguably made us all less social and vastly more impersonal.

Opting to use Facebook Chat over picking up the phone is now considered the norm. No need to catch up with a friend face to face - there's Facebook Video Chat for that. Why send a birthday card when Facebook vigorously prompts you to leave a token birthday message on your friends wall? You don't need to post or email photos to them either - Facebook (using creepy photo recognition) will tag them in your shots anyway. Oh and that party you're having? Don't bother ringing or hunting people down, Facebook lets you mass invite 500+ acquaintances - it's up to them to check their updates and turn up.

Indeed, Facebook has become SO good at predicting our behaviours & recommending the future that in many ways it's made us all collectively a little less personal and dare I say, a little less human as a result.

But what it is REALLY like to work at Facebook? Away from the blue and white utopia, privacy issues and wildly varying opinions?

Well, this photo series aims to take you behind the wall as it were, to show you what it's really like to work at the biggest and arguably most influential website in the world today.

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