Intimate Portraits Of Pregnant Couples Sleeping Together

Intimate Portraits Of Pregnant Couples Sleeping Together  image

Intimate Portraits Of Pregnant Couples Sleeping Together

The birth of a child is one of the most exciting yet stressful times each of us could experience. And whilst in the age of ultrasounds and social media, we’re kept aware of the humble beginnings of conception to the arrival – very few of us really have any idea as to the genuine lifestyle changes that take place, especially at home, on the eve of childbirth.

I'm 32 and at the age where my Facebook feed is currently filled with pregnant mummies and couples proudly posting photos of their newborns. Russian photographer Jana Romanova also experienced the same changes in her friends and it was those changes that inspired her to create his tender photographic series ‘Waiting’

Initially she asked her pregnant friends if she could photograph them sleeping, capturing the slow evolution of how not only their sleeping patterns would change but their future lives.

From there she expanded her series by asking other couples online if she could also document their own intimate journeys, direct in their most personal of spaces.

40 different couples agreed and its their future families that she’s been able to elegantly capture over the course of 2 years. The process involved her not only being extremely quiet (as to not wake the sleeping couple) and getting up very early at the weekends, but also using a tall ladder to shoot the images from above.

The results of her hard work and dedication are plain to see, her endearing photographs showcase real-life examples of a side of childbirth and raising a family – so few of rarely get to see.

You can see more of Jana's beautiful work as well as support her work by buying her books here.

Via Jana Romanova

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