Unbelievable Parkour Footage Of A Real-Life Spider-Man

Unbelievable Parkour Footage Of A Real-Life Spider-Man

How does Spider-Man get around when he runs out of webs? Parkour!

Parkour Athlete Ronnie Shalvis was so inspired by the recent Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie, that he decided to dress up as Spider-Man and take to the city skyline himself.

The film studio needn't have spent millions of CGI and special effects, they should have just hired Shalvis and his team.

Filmed using incredible drone footage, with a few visual effects and some colouring added, it's equally as impressive as the big budget blockbuster.

Watch halvis leap, bounce, flip and seemingly fly across the urban landscape - as he brings Spider-Man to life.

It really is epic.

Via YouTube

p.s. There's also a making of video which reveals how the clip was created and put together over countless weeks.



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