Performance Artist Fires Ink-Filled Eggs Out Of Her Vagina

Performance Artist Fires Ink-Filled Eggs Out Of Her Vagina

We're all for visionary art that challenges and provokes, but at what point does it become a parody of itself?

Out of all the artists featured at the famous Art Cologne fair which took place in Germany earlier this year, one truly captured all the headlines. Her name is Milo Moiré a Swiss part model and full time painter and performance artist.

She was the creator of a performance piece titled "PlopEgg" - a name that is actually highly appropriate when you find out what the entire work involves.

Firstly she injects eggs with a variety of colourful inks and paint then shoves each egg deep inside her vaginal canal. And for the grand finale, she then "gives birth" by pushing and ejecting the eggs out onto a canvas, causing them to smash and create all manner of abstract shapes.

And all this, whilst stark naked in full public view.

She's on the record as saying 'PlopEgg is:

About the creation fear, the symbolic strength of the casual, and the creative power of the femininity.

Maybe it is? Or maybe it's just a naked girl firing ink eggs out of her vagina for attention? Whatever your view on her performance, remember, it's only considered art because the right people say it is.

It's entirely up to you whether you agree with them or not...

Via Milo Moiré

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