Extremely Rare Star Wars Movie Posters You've Never Seen

Extremely Rare Star Wars Movie Posters You've Never Seen image

Extremely Rare Star Wars Movie Posters You've Never Seen

The original Star Wars trilogy was (and remains) a worldwide phenomenon, George Lucas's interstellar tale of good vs evil captured the imagination of millions of moviegoers around the world.

To promote each new movie, local graphic designers were employed in each international territory to create posters in their native language.

They were given a limited set of illustrations to use (either as a guide or to rearrange) but little creative direction there after. They were tasked with producing a poster that would resonate and suit their market, wherever that was in the world be it Poland, Russia or Japan.

In an era long before worldwide digital distribution where you can send one source file around the world in seconds, in the early 1980's creative control was far less stringent.

It goes a long way in explaining why these ultra rare and unique posters (now highly sought after collectors items) existed in the first place.

Like the science fiction fans that watched the film, even illustrators and graphic designers couldn't help but be inspired by George Lucas's vision and storytelling.

1. The Original

2. Hungary, 1977

3. France, 1980

4. Poland, 1977

5. USA, 1977

6. Hungary, 1984

7. Russia, 1990

8. Italy, 1977

9. Israel, 1977

10. Romania, 1977

11. Turkey, 1980

12. Hungary, 1982

13. Japan 1977

14. Poland 1984

Which is your personal favourite from the collection?

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