This Gorgeous French Lingerie Model Is Actually A 3D Hologram

This Gorgeous French Lingerie Model Is Actually A 3D Hologram

Do you remember our previous post Could This Be The Future Of The Retail Store Window? If the future of shopping involves interactive slideshows and touchscreen windows, how about including some holograms as well?

Empreinte a French lingerie brand have installed a 3D hologram in their shop window to entice and enthrall future customers. As darkness falls across Paris at 9pm a night, suddenly a holographic model wearing the latest Empreinte lingerie appears, fluttering around the store and showcasing her wares to passers-by.

It wasn't so long ago, that they would promote adverts like this to get your attention....

But now that game is changing, technology is giving future customers a richer and vastly more interactive experience. Who wouldn't want to stop to check out a half naked hologram?

It's certainly a lot more engaging that looking a static photo or billboard isn't it? Can you imagine your favourite store using holograms in the future? And if they did, would you take the time to watch them?



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