Japanese Artist Harnesses Nature To Create Wearable Ice Masks

Baku Maeda Creates Ice Sculptures That You Can Actually Wear image

Japanese Artist Harnesses Nature To Create Wearable Ice Masks

If you live in Sapporo (a notoriously cold part of Japan) and feeling like being anonymous for the afternoon, you could always disguise your appearance using one of Baku Maeda's quirky ice masks. Using a hard chisel and small ice pick he's carved out two different masks from the local ice formations in his hometown.

The city of Sapporo has been covered heavily with snow for five month. It is a long winter. For creating the ice mask, I froze the water with cold air for two days. Contrary to the coldness, it melts slowly and can be shaped to create various forms.

You can see more of his curious and interesting creations via his official site

Via Baku Maeda

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