Delta Airways 80's In-Flight Video Is Side Splittingly Funny

Delta Airways 80's In-Flight Video Is Side Splittingly Funny

Since it hit the web 1.4M people have watched this safety video. Think about that for a second, one of the most boring, tedious and predictable parts of airline travel, willing watched and enjoyed by 1,400,000 people....

Why you may ask? Well because it's frankly awesome. USA airline Delta airways decided to revamp their in-flight safety video so that their passengers would actually watch and take notice of it. So they travelled back to the 1980's and created an instructional video littered with references, characters, brand and fashions from Generation X and the glorious 80's.

We won't ruin all the surprises, but just know that Alf, Devo and even a Rubik's Cube all make an appearance. If only all airlines had this sense of humor.

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