Step Inside A Russian Home Built Completely Upside Down

All Russia Exhibition Centre Upside Down House image

Step Inside A Russian Home Built Completely Upside Down

Previously you've taken our hand and followed us inside the world’s narrowest house, poked around in Japan’s smallest ever home and even taken a peek through this entirely transparent apartment.

But have you ever stepped inside a home that was completely inverted? Well, now you can.

Over at the All-Russian Exhibition Centre in Moscow there’s a unique European cottage where everything is back to front and upside down. The floor is in fact the ceiling and there’s camera trickery or illusions at play either, it’s been deliberately designed that way. Visitors can strike a pose for some seriously funny photographs and appear as if they’re floating around the kitchen, lounge or even bedroom.

You can find out more about the house, how you can visit it and the story behind its creation right here

Images by Yuri Kochetkov

Via All-Russian Exhibition Centre