10 Imaginative Offices You'll Wish You Worked At

10 Imaginative Offices You'll Wish You Worked At

In a world where big companies are all searching a very limited pool of top end talent, it's as much about the culture and lifestyle of the office, as it is the job. You can earn a wage anywhere, but if you could work in an environment where you can feel inspired, excited and optimistic that's a vastly more enticing and attractive scenario isn't it?

Some of the most forward thinking offices around the world have gyms so staff can maintain a healthy level of fitness and burn off that stress, others have games rooms where different teams can come together and interact instead of across the boardroom.

But where are these places? Well, we've tracked down 10 of them (you might want to smarten up your CV) so come with us as we step inside some of the most imaginative and creative offices you're ever likely to see.

1. Zynga

Photos by: customspaces.com

2. Airbnb

Photos by: iwan.com

3. Selgas Cano Architecture Office

Photos by: officesnapshots.com

4. Google

Photos by: clivewilkinson.com

5. Pallotta Teamworks

Photos by: customspaces.com

6. Facebook

Photos by: customspaces.com

7. Nokia

Photos by: customspaces.com

8. Urban Outfitters

Photos by: af-la.com

9. White Mountain Office

Photos by: ivldesign.com

10. Inventionland Design Factory

Now you've seen them all, which impressed you the most and which would like to work at?

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