Fascinating Historical Events That Happened Around The Same Time

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Fascinating Historical Events That Happened Around The Same Time

You might believe in synchronicity (the concept that two or more events are meaningfully related) or you might just put it down sheer coincidence. But the following 18 examples put the world's historical events, moments and people into a sobering perspective.

Did you know that prisoners were arriving in Auschwitz merely a few days after McDonalds was founded? Or that the steam train actually came before the very first bicycle? And what about France? They were still fans of using the guillotine the same year that the MS-DOS operating system hit the shelves.

There's countless parallels happening right around the world, right this very minute. They might not be significant to us now, but in time, just like these 18 examples, they will be reminders of just how uniquely linked we all truly are.

Via Reddit

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