This Is What Happens To Your Brain Whilst High On Cocaine

This Is What Happens To Your Brain Whilst High On Cocaine

Bands love it, rappers praise it, police hunt it and celebrities and politicians are frequently caught with it. Now what could we be possibly talking about? That's right, cocaine.

If you snort the drug, it takes around 10 minutes to start having the desired effect on your brain. If you smoke crack cocaine , however, your body will start processing its effects in around about 8 seconds. A far faster and more intense hit in anyones book. And whilst it might seem like a fun (if expensive) party drug that lasts around 10 minutes tops, there's a genuine dark side to it. This photo diary of drug addicts straight out of the The Bronx is testament to that.

But what actually happens to your brain once the drug is in your system? This quick video will show you exactly how cocaine impacts your brain, the sought after effects it creates and the terrifying side effects it can have on your mental health and physical well-being.

In short, as the former diva Whitney Houston once said " whack"



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