Mum Turns Baby's Naptime Into A Magical Adventure!

Mum Turns Baby's Naptime Into A Magical Adventure!

What you're about to see, is the fantastic result of a sleeping baby, lots of bedding and one very very creative Mummy called Sioin Queenie Liao.

She's the photographer behind the cute and whimsical series 'Wengenn in Wonderland_' _whereby she's envisaged all the different imaginary places and scenarios her baby son might be dreaming about.

All sorts of wonderful objects and setting appear throughout her imaginative series, including trains, castles, butterflies, ships and even a trip to the moon as well! In the centre of it all, is Wengenn peacefully sleeping, complete unaware of all the creativity that surrounds him.

It's colourful, fun and seriously cute don't you think? You can get hold of a copy of Queenie's book title Sleep Baby which features the entire collection of images, but be quick there's only a few left!

It truly is the stuff of dreams.

Via Bored Panda

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