Scary Monsters & Wild Men: The Costumes Of Pagan Rituals

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Scary Monsters & Wild Men: The Costumes Of Pagan Rituals

Much like photographer Jimmy Nelson (who recently photographed  30 unique and rarely seen tribes around the world), Charles Fréger is equally driven by a desired to document the uncharted and undiscovered.

During a 2 year span, he traversed 19 European countries in an effort to unearth Europe's past obsession with Paganism.

Paganism, loosely speaking, is a broad group of indigenous polytheistic religious traditions. These traditions take the form of acknowledging the seasonal cycle, fertility, life, and death. The religion itself has been documented as far back as the 7th century BC, but what form does Paganism take today in the modern world?

Well, thanks to the efforts of Fréger, you'll be pleased to know pagan rituals are alive in well, in all corners of Europe - with many centred around the changing of the seasons. A common theme that runs through all of them, however, is the myth of the 'wild man'.

Since it's inception, Pagan rituals frequently saw men dressing up as familiar animals and even fantastical monsters to represent the intrinsic and often complex relationship humanity has with nature, birth, life and death. Whichever country you go to that is home to practicing Pagans, they all have wildly different interpretations as to what the 'wild man' looks like.

It's those interpretations that Fréger has creatively brought to life in his book Wilder Mann. Today we're featuring 15 version of the 'wild man' you can see the entire collection via his official site. In the meantime, which would you say is your personal favourite? Or would you be utterly terrified by them all?

Via Charles Fréger