Vintage Flying Cars You'll Wish Really Existed

Vintage Flying Cars You'll Wish Really Existed

We love 'Air Drive' a  cool little photo series by French photographer Renaud Marion. Like many of us, he was excited by the possibility of whizzing around his local area in some form of flying vehicle. Afterall, that's what we've all been promised in countless movies, novels and TV shows isn't it? Even as far back as 1900!

Alas, here we are 13 years on, depressingly still waiting for our sci-fi fantasies to be realised. But thankfully, with his unique take on the classic Cadillac, Chevrolet & Jaguar cars, Renaud gives us a little teaser as to what our future might yet still look like. The celebrated and much-loved retro designs of old, powered by cutting edge technology.

Just how likely is it we'll see something like this in our lifetime? It might just be sooner than you think. Whilst your daily commute doesn't include flying around like The Jetsons, is it that unreasonable to imagine your children's children hovering through peak hour traffic in a flying car?

Via Renaud Marion



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