Remarkable Tales From America's Unique Individuals

Remarkable Tales From America's Unique Individuals

A funeral director, organist and collector of beautiful ties who finds Zen in hoovering, a painter from Hudson, Ohio, who uses his own body as a tool to create striking canvases, a miniature artist & dollhouse builder with over 20,000 miniatures and a revealing look at the man behind the mask of the dancing gorilla.

What are we possibly talking about?

These are the tales of everyday Americans, whose quirks, intricacies and peccadilloes are beautifully documented for the video project The Amerikans. Ordinary people, with compelling stories to tell, which are rarely heard and rarely seen by the wider world, are finally given a place to call home. We're featuring a few of our favourites below, you can see the entire series which is still on-going right here.

If you've enjoyed them, please make a small donation to help Jeffrey Pence, Mika Johnson, Micha Hilliard, Kaori Mitsushima & Robbie Schneider (the team behind the project) continue to produce more documentaries of America's most unique and complex characters.

Afterall, good independant art deserves your support.

Via The Amerikans