Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' Music Video Recreated From LEGO

Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' Music Video Recreated From LEGO

Even today, it still stands as one of the greatest music video ever made - the original, clocking in at 13 minutes was almost like a mini-movie. But when you're Michael Jackson, few were ever going to argue or interfere with your artistic output - despite all the controversy surrounding his life, for sheer talent alone, he still reigns supreme as the King of Pop. Although, there any many dancers out there whose talents potentially rival his own.

Animator Annette Jung, who works at Talking Animals in Berlin, decided to recreate the intro to Thriller using LEGO, animation software and hours of patience. And whilst it's not the entire music video (which lets face it, would take an eternity to animate using plastic bricks!) it's still damn impressive and very very cool. After watching, you'll probably want to see the original again in all its campy horror glory (we did) so we've included in below for you.

Some things just continue to get even better over time don't they?

Via Laughing Squid



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