Stunning Ice Sculptures From World Ice Championships

 **1. MELODY OF FISH SOUL Sculpted By: Aleksandr Parfenov, Mikhail Vasilenko, RUSSIA** image

Stunning Ice Sculptures From World Ice Championships

Fairbanks in Alaska can be cold at the best of times, which makes it the perfect setting for the wildly popular World Ice Art Championships. It was first started back in 1988 and has become a celebrated and highly acclaimed annual event ever since. The championships themselves last a month, with individuals from around the world competing to see who can create the most impressive ice sculpture. Around 70 times went head to head this year, carving and chipping out phenomenal sculptures from the ice.

Today we're featuring 15 of our personal favourites from the 'Single Block' category whereby either an individual or duo has to create their chosen design from one block of ice. The restrictions? They get 60 hours and an ice block that measures 244cm x 152cm x 91cm. The rest is down to sheer skill, technique and painstaking effort.

Which would you pick as the winner?

Via World Ice Art Championships