Imaginative Artists Renders Everyday Objects Utterly Useless

Giuseppe Colarusso Renders Everyday Objects Utterly Useless  image

Imaginative Artists Renders Everyday Objects Utterly Useless

Giuseppe Colarusso has the weird and wonderful gift of being able to take an everyday object and render it completely useless  thanks to a combination of his sharp imagination, wit and Photomanipulation skills. Some of his images instantly strike you as being totally unusable whilst others demand you to sit back and interpret them for a few moments.

But whichever manipulation you're looking at, a power tool that doesn't have power, a table tennis bat that would make any game a challenge or a cutlery set that would have you dropping food in your lap - they are all delightfully fun and clever in their design.

“With these images I try to smile and think.” - Giuseppe Colarusso

But the Italian artist isn't always playing the role of being a prankster, at the end of the post you'll find two items that are vast improvements on their current useable forms. It's just further proof of how ingenious Colarusso and his conceptual artworks can be.

You can see more of his entertaining work via his official site.

Via Ufunk



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